Guest: Morgan Starkweather

Topics we Uncorked:

  • In the intro, I mentioned my episode on personal goal setting. Check it out here:
  • Raising an assistance dog
    • What is the role of the raiser?
    • What does the dog learn while living with the raiser? 
  • Role of assistance dogs in enabling participation and engagement in people with ASD
    • Speciality commands that match the handler’s needs
    • How dogs keep their handlers safe
    • How dogs can help their handlers with ADLs like eating and dressing
    • Dogs can encourage their handlers to participate
    • Freedom for the family to not have to explain themselves in public 
  • Different types of assistance dogs (guide, hearing, and service)
  • The possible role of OT with assistance dog agencies for matching dogs with handlers  
  • The benefits of doing a Masters thesis
    • Learn how to advocate for OT in emerging practice areas
    • Learn new methods for learning about people’s experiences 

Wine we Uncorked:

  • Paxis Red Blend (Bulldog)
    • Portugal, 2013
    • My take:  aromatic, but the taste was a bit tart and chalky
      • Pros: less than $10
      • Cons: I’m not likely to buy this vintage again, but I hear the 2017 and more recent vintages are much better, so I may give those a chance
  •  Lucas Vineyards Sangria
    • Finger Lakes, NY, USA  

Book Recommendations:

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