E9 Highlight: Passion Meets Paycheck: Travel Therapy with @therainbowOT

If you want to feel empowered to be the best OT you can be, you should connect with Dev Neu – that’s what I do when I need a little mOTivation! I am proud to call Dev a friend and fellow OT, and you will, too, when you listen to this episode.

Dev shares his experience with travel therapy, which provides OT practitioners the opportunity to live out their OT calling in a range of cities, states, countries, and practice settings. This episode covers the do’s and don’ts of travel therapy, including tips on negotiation, contracts, interviewing, choosing an agency to work with, and more. Even beyond the tips and tricks, Dev challenges listeners to know themselves and make the choices in their careers that best reflect who they are and what they need.

In addition to being a travel therapist, Dev is The Rainbow OT! Through his social media presence and OT practice, he is promoting inclusion, representation, and education. Now, he is doing the same through his new blog: www.therainbowOT.com

Check out Dev’s blog and follow him on Instagram and Facebook for the latest to brighten your day and further your practice.


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