The opioid epidemic is a crisis affecting people of all ages, races, and wealth. How do we as OTs respond to the urgent need we see around us? In this episode, you’ll meet Dr. Jenna Yeager, an OT who is working to equip OTs with the skills and tools they need to treat our clients holistically in light of this epidemic.

In this episode, Jenna talks about her role on the AOTA Ad Hoc Committee on Opioid Drug Abuse, which created this report to present to the Representative Assembly regarding next steps for our profession regarding this issue.

Interested in learning more about pain management? Start here! Earn CEUs by reading this article, Opioid Guidelines and Their Implications for Occupational Therapy, published by AOTA and take the exam at the bottom.

Jenna references an article written by colleague Donna Costa, entitled “Occupational Therapy’s Role in Countering Opioid Addiction,” which can be found in the January 2017 issue of OT Practice

I also recommend Ashely Uyeshiro Simon and Chantelle Collins’ article in AJOT from May 2017 about a Lifestyle Redesign® program for chronic pain management. If you are unfamiliar with the Lifestyle Redesign® process, I HIGHLY recommend you check it out here. The result of research at USC, Lifestyle Redesign® is just about as OT as it gets – it promotes healthy habits and routines for the management of chronic conditions. Extensive research has been done to apply this process to a range of populations, including people with chronic pain.

As always, CommuOT is a fabulous resource for OTs and OTAs to share ideas and resources. This post from October 2018 highlights features of the SUPPORT act, and how it affects OT’s role in pain management.

Do you have experience with the treatment of chronic pain or opioid abuse? Please join the conversation by commenting below.


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