E1 Highlight: Getting to know Amy Lamb

In the FIRST episode of OT Uncorked, I met with Dr. Amy Lamb, president of the American Occupational Therapy Association.

When we recorded the episode, Amy had just delivered her Farewell Address as President of AOTA at the 2019 AOTA Annual Conference and Expo in New Orleans, Louisiana. After taking photos with her adoring fans, Amy and I met backstage in her green room over a glass of champagne.

I may have brought cheap champagne and scoured the convention center for glasses, only to find waxy paper cups to drink from, but that didn’t stop Amy and I from toasting to our fellow OTs, and to her dedicated volunteer work as President these past 3 years.

Amy and I toasting with our cheap champagne in paper cups. There’s something fun about the simplicity of a grassroots effort! Not pictured: her incredible family sitting to my left, rooting her on from the sidelines.

In this episode, we kicked off the official launch of OT Uncorked by having some fun. Over the years, Amy Lamb has shared her vision for the OT profession and worked tirelessly to advocate for positive change for OTs, OTAs, and the people we serve. We have heard her speak at conferences, watched videos in which she shares updates with members of AOTA, and read her letters and posts regarding policy and other updates relevant to our practice. You may know Amy through her work as president of AOTA, but how well do you the woman behind the title? 

Spoiler alert: After listening to this episode, you’ll want to sit down for a glass of wine with Amy, too!!

In the episode, Amy and I talk about all the most important topics – like Karaoke, journaling, and Harry Potter, to name a few… Sitting just a few feet away from us, Amy’s husband, son, daughter, and extended family listened in on our recording – a real studio audience! They shared laughs with us and their faces were beaming with pride, because behind every great leader is a tribe of people filling her up, so she can pour over into the lives of all she serves.

Thank you, Amy, for your many years of service to AOTA!

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If you weren’t at the 2019 AOTA Conference and Expo in New Orleans, you can still listen to Amy’s powerful Farewell Address, along with the other main stage addresses, by logging onto AOTA.

Featured wine: Korbel Brut Champagne, California

Amy, my friend Lioba, and I in the expo hall at the 2019 AOTA Annual Conference and Expo. Stay tuned: OT Uncorked will be rolling out a new logo, created by Lioba! 

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