In Episode 2 of OT Uncorked, I met with Lauren Sheehan from NeuroLutions at the 2019 AOTA Annual Conference and Expo to talk about the role of OT in the rehab tech industry. Lauren has worked for 2 start ups during her career and is an example of how OTs can make a seat for themselves at the table in tech companies producing rehabilitation technologies.
We recorded this episode [in a very loud convention hall] after a Tech Lab about brain-computer interface technology that promotes closed-loop motor learning. If you think that’s a lot of techy sounding words, you’re not wrong. I made this diagram to show you one example of a BCI that can be used by OTs to help clients whose upper limb function is affected by a neurologic condition, like stroke:
Rehabilitation technologies using these closed feedback loops are being produced by companies all over the world, but  many of them don’t have an OT on the design, research, or implementation teams! [gasp]
Listen to Episode 2 to find out how Lauren got involved in the rehab technology start up scene and what role we can play as OTs in influencing the creation of these tools!

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